4P-ROM - Enhanced ROM for Model 4P systems

The 4P-ROM adds new features and improved performance of Model 4P systems. The new features include:

Detailed instructions assist you during the installation of the 4P-ROM, which can be done in about 25 minutes. The ROM is a socketed part in all Model 4P systems, so no soldering is needed.

The 4P-ROM can also be customized with your name, address, drivers' license number, or other identifying information that is displayed on demand or when a boot fails, such as when there is no diskette in drive 0.

This customization is available when the 4P-ROM is ordered by itself or as part of HBUILD6. There is an additional $50 charge for customizing the ROM. Specify 4PBRCU0 in addition to the 4P-ROM or HBUILD6 part number. Allow an additional four weeks for order processing for any customizations. Click here for the details on 4P-ROM customization.

4P-ROM System Requirements:  
CPU Model 4P non-gate-array or 4P gate-array system.
Processor Z80A or a superset processor, including the XLR8er accelerator. * **
Floppy Drive Two Radio-Shack-compatible floppy drives, although one or both can be double-sided, and can be 5.25" or 3.5" media, provided the current boot ROM will boot correctly as the system stands.
Hard Drive Any Radio Shack-compatible configuration including no drives.
Operating Systems The following systems have been tested: LDOS 5, TRSDOS 6, LS-DOS 6, CP/M+, NEWDOS, TRSDOS 1.3/1.4.
Hardware The 4P-ROM may be used with a SmartWatch(TM) clock chip.** 
Keyboard The Model 4P was only available in a US keyboard layout, and that is the only supported arrangement.
The XLR8er(TM) accelerator is supported provided that it worked with the system prior to the installation of the 4P-ROM and your system has not been modified to defeat the wait-state generation for ROM accesses.

There are combinations of 4P-ROM, SmartWatch, XLR8er, graphics, network and modem cards that conflict physically due to tight space in the Model 4P. If you have any of these items, make a survey of space around the boot ROM socket and make sure no other object hangs over the ROM socket (except the SmartWatch) and no other object comes within 3/8" on any side of the boot ROM socket.

Ordering Information

Important: The HBUILD6 package contains the software that allows systems to boot directly from hard disk drives. and most HBUILD6 packages packages include an 4P-ROM.  If ordering one of those packages, you don't need to order the 4P-ROM separately. Read about HBUILD6 here.

What hard disk drives the 4P-ROM is to be used with Part Number Price
4P-ROM ROM for non-gate-array or gate-array Model 4P systems With hard disk driver for Radio Shack WD1000 or TB1 controllers (If you don't have a disk system right now, order this part, as it is the most common controller should you obtain one later on.) 4PBR640 $28.00
4P-ROM ROM for non-gate-array or gate-array Model 4P systems With hard disk driver for MISOSYS SCSI Host interface and Adaptec or XEBEC disk controller 4PBR645 $28.00
4P-ROM ROM for non-gate-array or gate-array Model 4P systems With hard disk driver for non-Radio Shack WD1000 controllers that are port-mapped at 0x78 - 0x7f 4PBR647 $28.00

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