LS-DOS 06.03.01 System Disk

LS-DOS 6.3.1 was recently made available on the Internet by Misosys, but if you can't download it yourself and get it onto a Model 4 diskette, you can order it right here. The original LS-DOS 6.3. upgrade documentation is included. (This is not the full system documentation, just the changes made since TRSDOS 6.2.)

To order single-sided version, specify 4GR6301S $6.00
To order double-sided version, specify 4GR6301D $6.00

The Source Code for LS-DOS 06.03.01 is also available. Click here for more information.

TRSDOS 01.03.02 System Disk

The last version of Model III TRSDOS 1.x widely distributed by Tandy. All Model 4/4D/4P systems came with this software.  We will replace the MODELA/III file with the latest version unless you request otherwise.

To order original version, specify 4GR1302 $5.00
To order version with latest MODELA/III file, specify 4GR1302M $5.00

Applications and other items

For the following applications, replacement diskettes are available. If indicated, you must include a photocopy of the label on the original diskette as proof of ownership. Items that don't require proof of ownership are to the best of our knowledge now in the public domain or the copyright owner has granted the limited right to replace damaged diskettes. (Besides, what other computer and operating system could this software possibly ever run on?)

There is a charge of $5.00 for each diskette replaced, plus shipping.

Radio Shack	System	Description	(Number of diskettes)	Proof of
Catalog #							Purchase?
26-1599		M4	Model 4 Console Emulator (1)		No
26-2019		M4	TRSDOS Training		 (3)		Required
26-4712		M1	Altran 2.9B		 (1)		No
26-1608		M4	Deskmate Model 4	 (2)		No
700-2019	M4	Superscripsit 01.02.00	(1)		No
26-1600		M4	Superscripsit dictionary 01.00.00 (1)	No
26-0315		M4	TRSDOS 6.2 Utilities 01.00.00 (1)	No
26-1635		M4	Profile Plus (2)			Required
26-1530		M4	Multiplan 01.07.00 (1)			Required
700-2253	M3	Invoice Writer 01.01.00	(1)		Required
700-2153	M3	Invoice Writer Upgrade 01.01.00	(1)	Required
26-1543		M4	Payroll 02.00.00 (4)			Required
26-1543		M4	Payroll 02.01.00 (4)			Required
700-2245	M3	Invoice Writer 01.01.00 (2)		Required
26-3806		M100	Model 100/200 Disk Video Interface (1)	No
26-3481		M100	Disk Data Manager (1)			Required
260-1950	M3	Zork 1.0 Backup Limited (1)		Required
700-6206	M4	General Ledger source for 26-1540
			02.00.00 (2)				Required
700-6207	M4	Accounts Receivable Source for 26-1541
			02.00.00 (3)				Required
26-2018		M3	Assembly Language Tutor (1)		Required
This page is under construction, more information to be added.

Some additional operating systems for other Z-80 based Tandy computers are also available. Please write with the specifics of what you are looking for.

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