HBUILD6 - Boot your Model 4P, 4 or 4D directly from your Hard Disk

HBUILD6 allows the Model 4, 4D or 4P owner with a hard disk drive to boot directly into LS-DOS 6.3.1 from the hard disk without using a start-up floppy.  HBUILD6 is completely transparent to the operating system and uses no additional program memory.

Certain Model 4P and all Model 4 and 4D systems require a new ROM, which is included.  Detailed instructions assist you during the installation which usually takes less than 40 minutes and normally does not require soldering.

HBUILD6 supports hard disk drivers in low or high memory.  Also included are utilities to dynamically apply XLR8er accelerator patches (XLR8SET), to position disk drivers in low or high memory (FORCEHI), and to edit command line errors (OOPS).  When ordering HBUILD6, use the following chart to determine which part number goes with your system.  (The same utilities are provided with all part numbers.)

To order HBUILD6, identify your computer and the type of hard disk drivers you are using now in this chart:

Hard Disk Driver currently being used Model 4* non-gate array Model 4* and 4D gate array Model 4P all versions Model 4P all versions
Radio Shack TRSHD6 4BHB650 $20.00 4DHB670 $30.00 4PHB630 $5.00 4PHB640 $30.00
Misosys RSHARD6 4BHB652 $20.00 4DHB672 $30.00 4PHB632 $5.00 4PHB642 $30.00
Misosys MSCSI6 4BHB655 $20.00 4DHB675 $30.00 N/A 4PHB645 $30.00
Powersoft Series RS 4BHB656 $20.00 4DHB676 $30.00 4PHB636 $5.00 4PHB646 $30.00
Powersoft Series I 4BHB657 $20.00 4DHB677 $30.00 N/A 4PHB647 $30.00
These HBUILD6 Packages Include XROM** and diskette XDROM** and diskette diskette only 4P-ROM** and diskette
To determine if your Model 4 is a gate-array or non-gate-array system, locate the RS232 connector.  If it is on the bottom (faces downwards) of the Model 4, the system is a non-gate-array.  If the RS232 connector is on the back of the machine, the system is a gate-array system.  The ROMs required for these systems are not interchangeable.
Note: Model 4's built in 1983 may also require a new "A" ROM to be able to use HBUILD6.  To test your machine, boot your system into ROM BASIC (hold down the BREAK key and press RESET.)  Once you are in ROM BASIC, type the following statement:
and a single character will be displayed: If the character that was displayed is 'O', then you have the old "A" ROM and must replace it to be able to use HBUILD6.  The part number for the latest "A" ROM is listed below.
The XROM, XDROM and 4P-ROM provide other features in addition to allowing you to boot from a hard disk drive.  Each ROM is described in detail elsewhere in this catalog.

System Requirements:  
CPU Model 4/4D/4P systems with a standard Z80A or any superset processor, including the XLR8er adapter.
Firmware Model 4 systems with non-gate-array main logic boards must have XROM firmware installed, which is included.
Model 4 owners must make sure that they have the latest "A" ROM, Radio Shack part number 8048364A.
Model 4D or Model 4 systems with gate-array main logic boards must have XDROM firmware installed, which is included.
Model 4P systems with non-Radio Shack hard disk controllers must have new 4P-ROM firmware installed.  4P systems with Radio Shack hard disk controllers do not have to replace the firmware but can replace the ROM if they want to take advantage of the other features the 4P-ROM provides.  Use the appropriate part number (see above) to indicate if you desire a 4P-ROM or not.  Click here for a detailed description of the 4P-ROM product.
Keyboard Only US-layout keyboards are supported.  Systems with German or French keyboards who want to run Model III Mode software cannot use XROM or XDROM.
Floppy Drive A 5.25" SSDD or DSDD floppy drive is required during installation.
Hard Disk Controller A Radio Shack hard disk controller or a programmable equivalent.

or A MISOSYS host interface and a Xebec or Adaptec disk controller.

or A Western Digital disk controller with the register file located at ports 0x78 - 0x7f.  This is compatible with the Powersoft Series I hard disk drive systems.

Hard Drive(s) Any drives that are supported by the driver your system uses.
Operating System LS-DOS 6.3.1 is the only supported operating system for booting from the hard disk; all other operating systems may still boot from a floppy diskette.  TRDSOS 6.x was replaced with LS-DOS 6.3.0 and LS-DOS 6.3.1 has now been released to the public domain, you should upgrade to 6.3.1 if you have not done so already.  You can freely download the LS-DOS 6.3.1 system from several sites on the Internet.  M. A. D. Software also makes Model 4 format diskettes available with LS-DOS 6.3.1.  Click here for more information on obtaining LS-DOS 6.3.1.
Hard Disk Configuration LS-DOS 6.3.1 must be installed and a system drive must start on head 0, cylinder 0 of the primary drive.  (Other operating systems that are stored on other parts of the drive or on secondary drives will not be disturbed.)
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