LS-DOS 06.03.01 Source Tree

This is the complete source tree needed to build LS-DOS 6.3.1 Level-AH. Also included are the utilities and tools needed to assemble the files and build the libraries. This source tree was created by applying all the changes that comprise LS-DOS 6.3.1 onto an existing LS-DOS 6.3.0 source tree. The files produced are identical to those appearing on an official LS-DOS 6.3.1 distribution diskette as originally provided by Misosys.

LS-DOS 6.3.1 has been released to the public domain by Logical Systems and Misosys.

This product requires a hard disk drive that is partitioned with at least three logical drives. (0, 2 and 3 are needed by default. Drive 2 should be empty, and Drive 3 holds the source code.) Logical drives 2 and 3 should be at least two megabytes in size. Both drive 2 and 3 can be "diskdisk" pseudo drives.

This is a developers product and the user is expected to understand the tools and methods involved in constructing an operating system. The software is provided on an "AS IS" basis.

NOTICE: Because of a shortage or floppy media and significant problems producing an expanded version on Compact Disc, this product is currently unavailable. Watch this space for updates on when the new product is finally available.

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