Utility Disk #1 for Model LS-DOS 6.3 - Product Description

Our first utility disk provides tools that are common in more sophisticated operating environments, but have been missing in the TRSDOS/LS-DOS 6 environment until now.  (Was favorably reviewed in TRSTimes magazine.)

Several of the utilities are clones of popular commands available on BSD and derived *NIX systems.  Minimal implementations of a few of these utilities have been available for TRSDOS/LS-DOS 6 before, but never full-blown versions, with all the features that make them truly useful!

Here are some of the utilities that are included:

All the utilities on the disk that manipulate files will accept full wild-card file specifications.  Output can be sent to the printer or a file, and the ability to specify default options is provided.  Most commands also have a built-in help menu that can be displayed.

Over 25 pages of printed documentation fully describe all of the parameters and options available in each utility.  Examples are also provided on how you can adapt each utility to your system and to your personal work habits.  An electronic version of the documentation is also provided.  Samples of the documentation can be found by clicking here.

Notice: OOPS, XLR8SET and FORCEHI are included with this utility disk. Older versions of these programs are included with other M. A. D. Software products.

Note that most of these utilities work under TRSDOS 6.  However, they were written for LS-DOS 6.3.1, and that is the only operating system we provide support for.  TRDSOS 6.x was replaced with LS-DOS 6.3.0 in 1986.  LS-DOS 6.3.1 appeared in 1989.  LS-DOS 6.3 is a superset of TRSDOS 6 and all programs that ran under TRSDOS 6 work on LS-DOS 6.3.
In 1997, LS-DOS 6.3.1 was released to the public domain, you should upgrade to 6.3.1 if you have not done so already.  You can freely download the LS-DOS 6.3.1 system from several sites on the Internet.  M. A. D. Software also makes Model 4 format diskettes available with LS-DOS 6.3.1 already installed.  Click here for more information on obtaining LS-DOS 6.3.1.
To order, specify:

M. A. D. Software Model 4/4D/4P Utility Disk #1 on 5 1/4" Specify 4G6UT01 $8.00

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