The Garage Sale is still going on!

February 7th, 2017

The garage sale is still in progress! Please follow this link

The collection that is going is vast. In the past two years, I ended up with a large quantity of parts for Tandy equipment from the estate of a Tandy Model I enthusiast, including unopened boxes of new Model I CRTs, and all sorts of surplus inventory from the Tandy factories. Also from the estate comes a large collection of vacuum tubes of all flavors, and several complete Model I systems, oscilloscopes, and a couple of TRS-80 compatible printers (with unopened ribbons). That alone is taking up about 800 cubic feet of space. None of this is associated with M.A.D. Software, so the sale web pages are at the link shown above.

I will also be selling Model 16s, 16Bs, 6000s, Model 4, 4Ps, a Tandy MUX cabinet, DEC and Teleray video terminals, test equipment, consumer electronics, S-VHS and VHS video tapes*, a complete Model 15 Teletype (with power supply and steel table), a Terminet 340 line printer (300 lines per minute, centronics interface compatible with original TRS-80 systems or PC/PC-AT systems with the right cable, and includes two compter boxes of replacement circuit cards, service manuals and other parts, enough cards for two more printers), manuals for Tandy computers, and much more.

* Sorry, all tapes have off-air recordings of TV shows on them, usually in SP speed, almost all Dr. Who or Star Trek TNG/DS9. Almost all tapes are Maxell XR-S BLACK, were recorded once and played less than six times, some played only once. No time to wipe, so do that yourself! (For S-VHS tapes, you will need a S-VHS or quasi-S-VHS player to view the existing content, but any VHS or S-VHS recorder can record on them. Tapes will be sold in packs of 10.

There is so much here that I will have to list items in waves, because until some items go, I can't even reach the rest of it.

Check the this web site from time to time as items will be added as soon as they can be gathered together, photographed and descriptions written-up. There are even some items that are a mystery, and so hopefully the pictures will identify it as something that you know and want!

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